Amidst the Schism

Amidst the Schism is our current main project. It’s a third person scifi action adventure.

Third Person Spaceship Combat!

Join the adventure in a wide variety of ships from small fighters to large capital ships! Customize your ships weapons and load out to make it fly and shoot your play style.

Board and Capture

Board and capture enemy ships to claim them as your own! If you see a ship in game, you can board, capture, and then fly it. The only exception are small autonomous drones. However, capturing a ship without destroying it will be difficult and you will encounter resistance!

Explore and Discover

Explore both vast open worlds and smaller detailed locations. Discover space anomalies, dangerous creatures, and new planets.

Uncover Mysteries

Thrown into a unique and tumultuous situation, you will need to uncover what is happening and decide the right course of action. Depending on the choices you make, you will encounter one of several endings.